Step 3 : Connect using WiFi dongle & Setup your first connection

Note: The Astro Wi-Fi dongle is now available for FREE! To get the FREE Wi-Fi dongle, please contact our customer contact centre at 03 9543 3838 or visit our nearest Customer Service Centre. Locate a branch near you


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  • Step 1 – Flip the dongle antenna and plug it into the front USB port of your PVR.

    Step 1 – Plug in  the Wi-Fi dongle into the front USB port of your PVR decoder.

    Note: Ensure your home broadband is turned on.

  • Step 2 – As soon as you do this, a prompt will appear stating do you wish to connect to a wireless network?, select Yes, continue.

    Step 2 – A prompt will appear stating "Do you wish to connect to a wireless Network?", select 'Yes, continue'.

  • Step 3 – The PVR will scan for Wi-Fi networks available. Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter your network key (password) if applicable

    Step 3 – Once connected, the WIFI icon will appear on the screen.

    Now you are ready to download and enjoy Astro's on demand Entertainment.

    Press 'Home' > Select On Demand and browse through the categories available.