Available till 1st March 2017

Juliet's Choice: Taipei, the 70s. Shy, disabled Hsiu-chu works in her father's small printing. When a handsome left-wing student, Jo-wei, tries to have his group's manifesto printed and is rejected by her father, she secretly makes copies for him. Then, one night, Jo-wei turns up at the shop, on the run from the police. Two Juliets: Beigan island, the 80s. a man named Lo falls for Julie, a girl in a dance troupe, but their love is forbidden by their fathers. Lo has the idea of Julie feigning madness and entering an asylum, from which he would pick her up later. One More Juliet: Taiwan, the present day. Tubby Chu Li-yeh, distraught after his 28th unrequited love affair, tries to hang himself on a mountain but is asked to move on by a film crew shooting a commercial. Chu is then asked to be an extra. He gets to know one of the other extras, Ron, who also has a tale of unrequited love.