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MEET ME @ 1006

MEET ME @ 1006

Available till 12th March 2021

Zhen Yu, an arrogant but successful lawyer, faces a career crisis after getting framed. He ends up moving into a strange, old apartment. Every night at 10:06pm, a mysterious girl will appear in the apartment. Zhen Yu thinks that she is a ghost, but she is in fact, Jia Le - the previous tenant of the apartment. Living 4 months apart, they somehow find their timelines overlapped in the apartment. Zhen Yu initially plans on using Jia Le to save his fraught life, but love blossoms as time goes by. Zhen Yu later discovers that Jia Le will die four months later and that her death is related to the case which he is framed. Now, Zhen Yu must decide whether to save Jia Le’s life or his own.